About Us

"L. Constantinou & Co." is a professional firm of Chartered Surveyors, which was set up in February 1999. The Firm provides a range of services in the Real Estate field, which are available so as to suit clients' needs. The main activities fall under the following headings:

Property Valuations

Property Valuations is the main business field of "L. Constantinou & Co". The firm undertakes valuations of all types of property (Freehold or Leasehold Interest) for purposes including Finance, Sale/Purchase, Compulsory Purchase, Tax and Asset Valuation.

Property Consulting

"L. Constantinou & Co." carries out Feasibility and Viability studies giving advice on Property development projects. In this way the Firm can identify whether a proposed project is viable, estimate the level of Profits, if any, and advice the client accordingly.

Estate Agency and Promotion

"L. Constantinou & Co." is involved with the disposal/acquisition of good quality properties acting in the best interest of both the buyer and the seller.
The firm also deals extensively with estate agency, including promotion and advertising. It undertakes property finding, sales, lettings, part exchange deals etc. It covers from individual properties to large commercial and industrial concerns.

Project Management

The firm provides a comprehensive service in this field and projects range from the development of small houses and tourist projects, offices and commercial projects, including hotels developed as an investment and/or for sale.

Property Management
The firm deals extensively in the management of property.

Профессиональное агентство и оценщики недвижимости на Кипре с 1999 года.

Все операции связанные с недвижимостью:
Продажа и оценка недвижимости,
Юридические консультации,
Открытие компаний,
Аренда недвижимости,
Послепродажный сервис,
Управление недвижимостью
Управление строительством
Приглашаем к сотрудничеству агентства и инвесторов